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1986 Haro Master

#1 2014-04-27 11:53am

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1986 Haro Master

1986 Haro Master

I'm not really much of a "freestyle guy", but everyone loves the look of a clean Haro Master! I snagged this sucker locally, and I still can't believe how clean and original it is. I don't know if it is the best survivor I've ever found, but it is in the top 3-04 for sure. Complete with kickstand (removed but I have it), reflectors on the mags, frame reflectors, plastic axle protective nuts, all stickers, wheels never removed... I don't believe a tool has ever been put to the bike since it was assembled. The tread on the original tires still have the little nubs on them, but they are dry as the Sahara and wouldn't last long if you rode on them. paint is a 9/10, components are a 9.5 out of 10, overall it is a 9.5/10 in my opinion.... The stickers have cracked a little with age and the stem/chain ring hardware have a little oxidation that would clean off with some oil and a rag. Cranks are mint, bearings are tight, it rides like a dream! Coaster brake rear, was this a typical factory option? I believe the seat post was swapped out? The lay back was probably a little long for the little guy who originally owned this. Anyway, enjoy...

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