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#1 2013-12-07 4:00pm

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02 Cheeta Team XL seatpost

Does anyone out there know exactly what size post these frames take ? I measured it at 27.2mm but there is NO way it will go in. Tube is not bent or distorted and a 26mm just flops around. Any help ?

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#2 2013-12-07 4:15pm

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Re: 02 Cheeta Team XL seatpost

Don't know for sure as I've never owned one, but my guess would be 26.8 mm if the 26.0 is too small and a 27.2 is too big. This would also fit in with that era of seat tube sizes.



#3 2013-12-12 10:52am

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Re: 02 Cheeta Team XL seatpost

I don't know what year the Cheeta frame I have is, but it takes a 27.0 post.  26.8 feels kinda sloppy, but the 27.0 slides right in!  Hope this helps! big_smile

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#4 2014-02-19 5:47pm

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Re: 02 Cheeta Team XL seatpost

My sons 02 jr takes a 1 1/8.  Normal park bike size



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