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#1 2011-08-25 1:45pm

Pro MemberThundercougarfalconbird
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1996 KHE Premium Lagger

1996 KHE Premium Lagger

August 2013 Reboot Build!

This is one of the first frames I submitted into the museum. Since I have gotten more experienced with restores I decided to build it up with some new school KHE parts and give it a look it deserves. This frame was revolutionary for flatland!

* Dia-Tech Fiesta Brakes
* KHE Alchemy Pegs
* KHE Mac1 Tires
* KHE Prismatic Post
* KHE Pyramid Grips (Switched to Thumbtacks)
* KHE SwissMiss Bars
* KHE Watanabe Seat
* Mechanik Half Link Chain
* Odyssey G2 Rotor System
* Odyssey Mono Levers
* Primo Seat Clamp
* VP 550 Pedals
* Weinman 36H Rims

My flatland is ... always smooth!!!!




#2 2013-10-23 1:05pm

bmx matty
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Re: 1996 KHE Premium Lagger

that's nice mate, well clean!

i love flatland me...



#3 2018-02-01 6:32pm

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Re: 1996 KHE Premium Lagger

If you ever find another "96" Lagger let me know! It's still a revolutionary design and beautiful as hell imo. Back then wink frames, like cars from the 60's and 70's, had styles that could actually allow you to distinguish one from another, even the same models of different years. Everything now is looks identical, unfortunately...



#4 2018-02-01 6:46pm

Pro MemberThe Gate Keeper
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Re: 1996 KHE Premium Lagger

man, that is one crazy frame!  smile

My Father once spoke to me and said "The way you look at your bike is the way I see My children, I look past the imperfections and rough surfaces to the beauty of the finished product."



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