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2000 Haro Group 1 SR 2.0

#1 2008-06-09 11:32am

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2000 Haro Group 1 SR 2.0

2000 Haro Group 1 SR 2.0

My first bike I ever raced with.

I was into dirt jumping, freestyle and street riding forever, but I first decided to sign up at the track and race for real a few years back when I was 33. This was the bike I built up for it. I have ridden a Haro Master for everything else since the early 90's, and a Sport before that since I got one in 87, and I wanted to race with a Haro too. I got the bars (S&M), grips, Redline cranks and number plate at the bike shop, everything else was online. The frame, GT forks, Haro seat/post/clamp, the brakes, Chris King headset and the brake lever were all from 1 ebay auction at a price that was almost cheaper than the headset alone. I got the Spin mags separate on ebay also, and the comp 3 type tires and pedals too. I raced this all year and into the next before I switched out the frame with a GT.

I really like bikes!!!



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