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#151 2013-09-05 5:18pm

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Re: Who has the most Haros?

Just one for me, but it's a good one. All original. I think it's lonely as all my other bikes are GT's.



#152 2013-09-05 5:41pm

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Re: Who has the most Haros?

So many killer Haros...I got a couple to share. Incredible collections and the Gold plated is sick.

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#153 2013-09-05 5:48pm

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Re: Who has the most Haros?

That guy has serious issues.



#154 2013-09-06 7:01am

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Re: Who has the most Haros?

I am just throwing this out there, but did anyone count the amout if first Gen freestyler's? There is well over 100,000 in Haro bikes here in these few pics! Correct me if I am wrong?

daripper wrote:

We had a bike show over here 2 weeks ago in a town called Hurstbridge and this guy turned up...... Fancy getting a custom trailer made to tow your collection around in. … 6eca06.jpg … 8f7a07.jpg … e51ec1.jpg … f6e20b.jpg

Just want to let everyone know, when I list something for sale PLEASE ready the description completely and follow the directions so there isn’t any issues! When members call dibs and then disappear it holds the item up for someone who is ready to purchase said item.



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