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#1 2013-01-06 8:00pm

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Magazines - BMX Plus!

BMX Plus!

BMX Museum,

I will be scanning a total of ninty four (94) mid-school BMX Plus! magazines in 2013 and 2014 (one per week).  Below are the URLs for each and every magazine that I will scan.  If a URL below does not work, than I probably haven't scanned that magazine yet.  If you would like me to scan a particular mid-school BMX Plus! magazine for you (that I haven't scanned yet), please make your request here: (  Additionally, I will regularly update the first post on that thread to acknowladge your request and provide a tentative date that the scans will be completed by.  Enjoy smile .

1993 BMX Plus! Magazines

1994 BMX Plus! Magazines

1995 BMX Plus! Magazines

1996 BMX Plus! Magazines

1997 BMX Plus! Magazines

1998 BMX Plus! Magazines

1999 BMX Plus! Magazines

2000 BMX Plus! Magazines

2001 BMX Plus! Magazines

2002 BMX Plus! Magazines

Wanted:   175mm chrome Profile DJ crank arms;    6" 19mm Profile GDH Ti spindle;    2000 GT UltraBox chain tensioners;   HED rim (

I have several mid-school BMX catalogs and magazines on my Issuu Page  -------->
Check out some parts that I've researched and learn something new:

I love riding trails!  Here are some brands that I endorse.



#2 2013-11-18 6:06pm

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Re: Magazines - BMX Plus!

Is there a way you can get June 1994?

Looking for : Bomber #'s , NOS/good condition white (red ,white and blue decals) 50's Seiss bike light , Huffy Bandit tire , Camel Supercross stuff , maybe a 20" rear suspension frame.



#3 2015-04-06 6:21pm

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Re: Magazines - BMX Plus!

Hello I am sort of new on here ,was on and posted a 95 GT cruiser now I am back with a new build 96 profile , its really cool you are doing this scaning, I just bought 40 some issues of bmx pluse to find my bike spread....... the wife is not happy lol  its in the feb of 96 issue for full spread and I could only find 1 color add for the frame kits in the june of 96 , keep up the good work and  thank you for your time in scaning  and posting for all of us bmxers



#4 2015-06-04 9:25am

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Re: Magazines - BMX Plus!

Bugga, none of these links work!

would love a set of fusion Sansin 32h
Wheels. Grrrrrrr haha



#5 2015-06-04 9:29am

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Re: Magazines - BMX Plus!

Yoongie wrote:

Bugga, none of these links work!

some good stuff here:

RIP Emiliano Sala



#6 2018-01-08 3:27pm

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Re: Magazines - BMX Plus!

This is awesome!



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