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1976 Peugeot CPX-100

#1 2012-09-19 9:26pm

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1976 Peugeot CPX-100

1976 Peugeot CPX-100

Childhood Bike found at Hossegor( France)
not only the same model but my bike when i was a child

Thx to Christophe motocross team Manager

Parts & specs:
* Frame: 1977 Peugeot CPX-100
* Serial number: CPX-05-11455
* Fork: Peugeot 1" threaded rare zero offset motocross styled forks (merida HX300)
* Handlebars: Peugeot 24" by 8" without original CPX-100 cross bar pad
* Grips: Winner's Circle
* Stem: forged steel goose neck single stem without generic snap-on vinyl pad
* Headset: generic, caged bearings
* Seatpost: chrome plated steel 22mm knurled
* Seatpost clamp: generic, chrome plated
* Seat: Peugeot CPX-100 diamond pattern manufactured by GSK in Taiwan
* Pedals: Union not the HTI 772 steel rat-traps pedals
* Bottom Bracket: generic US-BB steel, caged bearings
* Chainwheel: Keihin 44T Japan
* Chain: KMC Kool Chain
* Front Hub: KK 36H steel low flange, caged bearings
* Rear Hub: Shimano 36H D-Type coaster brake with 15T cog
* Rims: KIN LIN 36H 47-406 (20 x 2.125) chrome plated, dimpled
* Tires:    Cheng Shin 20 x 2.125
* Top tube length: 18,5"
* Wheelbase: 35"
* Thx to 2fresh for infos :)

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