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So why are Hutches THE bike to have?

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Re: So why are Hutches THE bike to have?

arizonalouie wrote:

I can honestly say that I was THE poorest kid in my neighborhood and I owned and raced a Hutch Pro Racer back in 1983.
My father died when I was nine years old of cancer. I grew up in New York without heat in our house for three years (the oil burner broke 2 years after my dad took his dirt nap).
As a kid of 14 years old I managed to scrimp and save my money from shoveling snow, shining shoes, and raking leaves to get that Hutch. I assure you my Mom couldn't chip in on the bike.
The truth is, the wealthier kids DID have Hutch's. Not me though.wink
For me, Hutch will ALWAYS be the bike to have for my own reasons: Nostalgia and overcoming hardship.

PS..Thank you NCMALKO for selling me your XL24 and being a friend cool

I had a pro racer also in 1982/1983. It was not more expensive than any comparable bike I looked at. JMC was more at the time also. I saved every cent for that damn bike and my parents, not rich by anyone's standards, would only chip in what a department store bike would have cost. I coverd the rest by working my ass off.

I built all my bikes up from a frame set and never ever bought complete off the floor.

If any would bother to look at old bike magazine mail order ads from bike shops, you'd see that a Hutch frame was maybe $25 more than anything else like a GT Pro Series, CW ZX pro, ect.

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