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#1 2011-05-02 12:36am

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1999 Hyper T-Rex

1999 Hyper T-Rex

bought back in 2001 from pawn shop for 130$ serial number was ground off
ive never seen another one of these
super light and stong

wtb: white gt freestyle tires
wtb: white gt seat
wtb: 89/90 dyno detour decals



#2 2011-05-03 6:19am

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Re: 1999 Hyper T-Rex

That's really nice looking.

Stuff I want: 2000 24" DB Reactor Team frame ,  Voxom and Enigma stuff. Alliant / Radix stem and stuff.  JW and Stiffys stuff.  Cool late mid-school cruiser parts.



#3 2012-04-13 10:48am

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Re: 1999 Hyper T-Rex

My dad got me one of these when I was younger and I kept it to my old ripe age of 19.
Recently I found the frame and original parts and was putting everything into place when
my grandmother decided it would be okay to throw away. I seen some guy smiling, driving away with the frame and parts... then I come here to find out that it actually might be pretty rare.

To put things into perspective... there are no smiling faces that are mad enough to give a hint on how p!$$ed i am. My cousin's boyfriend has left a full Diamond back in my shed.. it's mine now and no one is taking it from me.



#4 2017-12-28 1:53am

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Re: 1999 Hyper T-Rex


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