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SUBMISSIONS: The Great Hoffman Bike Build Up  RSS Feed

#1 2012-02-25 4:29am

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SUBMISSIONS: The Great Hoffman Bike Build Up

Post your Great Hoffman Bike Build Up submission pictures here.  No comments in this thread, please (comments may go here:

Submission Rules: Open Saturday, February 25th through 11:59 PM PST Saturday, March 10th 2012 (a two week window)
   - Post between one and four pictures of your entry in the submissions post
   - Parts lists and descriptions of your own bike are permissable in the same post
     Note: if you post more than four your fifth and subsequent pictures will be removed
Voting will begin in a separate post on Sunday, March 11th and run through 11:59 PM PDT Sunday, March 18th, 2012 (a one week window)

Note: the original announcement & comments thread may be found here:

It is not too late to start - you still have two weeks from today.  Now, let's see those bikes!



#2 2012-02-25 6:58am

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Re: SUBMISSIONS: The Great Hoffman Bike Build Up

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#3 2012-02-25 7:31am

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Re: SUBMISSIONS: The Great Hoffman Bike Build Up

95 US made (Ramp Room) Hoffman Condor

Frame-       95 Ramp Room  Condor
Fork-          Ramp Room SuperFork w/theaded Headset and 1 inch threadless stem
Stem-         Ramp Room Bomber Man 1" Threadless
Bars-          Ramp Room Patriot Bars
Seatpost-    Hoffman
Seat-          Odysset Z77
Wheels-      Peregrine Super Pro's
Tires-          ACS True 100's
Brakes-       Dia Compe 883(Nipponn) Front & Dia Compe 990 Rear
Levers-        Dia Compe Tech 77 Locking
Cranks-        GT Profile 175
Sprocket-     Profile 43T
Pedals-        Shimano PDMX

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Looking for any early Hoffman stuff. Frames, bars, stems, etc...



#4 2012-02-25 8:44am

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Re: SUBMISSIONS: The Great Hoffman Bike Build Up

Early 1997 1" threaded Hoffman TAJ

Frame: Hoffman TAJ
Fork: Hoffman TAJ (threaded)
Stem: ACS
Bars: 1st gen peregrine q bars
Seat post: chrome oddyssey layback
Seat: Bulletproof
Seat clamp: Hoffman bikes
Wheels: Peregrine hp-48s
Tires: Rl Freaky-V
Brakes: dia-compe bulldog front. Plastic Chang star 990 rear
Levers: tektro
Cranks: 1st gen odyssey black widows
Disc: odyssey black widow
Pedals: Peregine

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I Am Looking For Anything Standard Byke Co. Related



#5 2012-02-25 2:10pm

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Re: SUBMISSIONS: The Great Hoffman Bike Build Up

2012 Hoffman Stealth Condor

Frame: 2012 Hoffman Condor (radar absorbent stealth black)
Fork: Hoffman (radar absorbent stealth black)
Decals: custom black vinyl
Stem: Madera
Bars: Hoffman Love Handle Bars
Grips: United
Seat post: Black Ops Pivotal
Seat: Fit
Wheels: The Cinema Wheel 9T
Tires: Primo V-Monster
Brakes: Odyssey Evo II
Detangler: Snafu Mobeus
Pads: Kool Stop
Levers: Odyssey Mono
Cranks: Primo Hollow Bites
Disc: Fit 25T
Pedals: Hoffman
Pegs: Odyssey G-Sport Pleg x4



#6 2012-02-25 3:42pm

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Re: SUBMISSIONS: The Great Hoffman Bike Build Up

Late 1994 CONDOR

F&F HOFFMAN CONDOR late 1994 without pegs mount
Handlebars BULLY BIKES
Seat post HOFFMAN
Stem DK
Headset TIOGA
Rotor Odyssey
Grips A'ME
Levers DC tech 77
Front brake ACS BOA modified with  10 mm axel and seules bearing
Rear brake  DC AD 990
Crank FUSION 175 mm
Chainring HARO 42T
Pedales FUSION
Wheels PEREGRINE 48's HP PRO rims with suzue hubs
Tires ACS RL 100psi
Pegs GT cromo



#7 2012-02-25 6:36pm

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Re: SUBMISSIONS: The Great Hoffman Bike Build Up

ride your bike until it breaks.



#8 2012-02-26 10:36am

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Re: SUBMISSIONS: The Great Hoffman Bike Build Up

My 2012 Hoffman Condor...

-Frame: 2012 Hoffman Condor 21'
-Forks: Fit shiv 2
-Headset: Flybikes
-Stem: Colony official
-Bars: Primo Samsquanch 8.25
-Grips: Duo Cory Bohan
-Bar ends: Duo
-Brake lever: Eclat Swift
-Brake cable: Vocal linear gyro cables
-Brake calliper: Fly Classico
-Brake pads: Proper clear
-Rotor: Odyssey GTX-S
-Chain: KMC superlight
-Sprocket: Hoffman Dinky 25t
-Cranks: Flybikes
-Bottom Bracket set: Primo
-Pedals: Premium Slim sealed plastics
-Seatpost: Demolition
-Seat: Hoffman Black ops mid
-Front tire: Fit kevlar FAF 2.3
-Front rim: Primo 7000 series
-Front hub: Proper Microlite v2 female
-Rear rim: Primo 7000 series
-Rear tire: Fit kevlar FAF 2.1
-Rear hub: Proper K7 LHD female
-Spokes: Titanium rainbow with Halo alloy nipples
-Weight: 23lbs

Cheers Paul



#9 2012-02-26 3:55pm

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Re: SUBMISSIONS: The Great Hoffman Bike Build Up

2012 Hoffman Condor

Frame -      2012 Hoffman Retro 21
Fork -        Stolen Vertex
Headset -   Stolen - Glow in the dark
Stem -       Stolen Choker
Bars -        Stolen
Grips -       Pabst Blue Ribbon
Bar Ends -   Stolen
Levers -     Tech 77's
Cables -     Snafu rear gyro set up / Odyssey Slic front
Brakes -     Odyssey EvoII front and rear
Brake Pads - Odyssey Clear
Rotor -       Snafu Mobus
Chain -       KMC
Sprocket -  Stolen 25t
Cranks -     Redline Flights
BB -          Stolen Revolver
Seatpost -  Odyssey
Pedals -     Stolen Thermalite
Seat -        Stolen
Tires -       Odyssey Path Kevlars
Wheels -    Primo Hoops / Primo Blue Spokes / Profile Hubs
Pegs -       Stolen
990 Plate - Hoffman

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#10 2012-02-26 4:44pm

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Re: SUBMISSIONS: The Great Hoffman Bike Build Up

Ok guys here's my 2003 Hoffman 900.........
Thought I would get a little crazy with this build.
This is my first REAL new school build and I had a great time putting this one together.
Lots of new parts but I tried to keep all of the original parts I could but add some flavor to them...
Well here it is I hope you guys like it big_smile

The 900 before

And now with a bit of color added yikes

Sum fun with the black light

Nice shot looking up

Parts break down

Powder coated Shoker Orange "Day Glo Orange over a Chrome base coat"

Hoffman Fame
Hoffman Fork
Hoffman Bars
Hoffman Seat post
Hoffman pegs
Jalco Hoops
TH Industries Crank arms
Fusion Sprocket

Powder coated bright white

Hoffman stem & top headset nut
Hoffman seat post clamp
Tektro levers
Odyssey gyro


Odyssey Griswald grips
Subrosa Seat
Subrosa Bar ends "clear"
Odyssey tires
Spokes & nipples
KMC chain
Gyro cables
Odyssey Pedals
Seat guts
Dia tech hombre brakes
Origin 8 sealed bearing headset
Unkown brake pads "clear"

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Needs as of 1/1/15 24" Ukai Speedlines prefer black



#11 2012-02-27 12:57pm

From: Panama City, FL
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Re: SUBMISSIONS: The Great Hoffman Bike Build Up

96 condor gang green
96 condor frame fork 1inch threadless
Perfect 10 bars
Profile cranks
Kink sprocket
990 f&r brakes
Bought it off e-bay rebuilt it as shown
Gt grips,hoffman pedals,porkchop tires.

As of 1/09/2014

I dont authorize anyone permission to use my pictures...



#12 2012-03-01 12:12pm

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Re: SUBMISSIONS: The Great Hoffman Bike Build Up

Just finished piecing together my Early 1997 Hoffman Taj. cool

Frame - Hoffman Taj 1"
Fork - 1"  early USA made hoffman superfork
Stem - Hoffman Bomberman stem
Bars - Hoffman Low Drags
Grips - Primo V Grips
Levers -  Tech 77
Bar ends -  Peregrine
Headset - Tioga Beartrap 1" threaded
Hubs - Hoffman Girthy Hubs
Rims - Araya Super 7x 48h
Pegs - Hoffman Laurel and Hardys
Tires - Hoffman Skidmark
Seat - Hoffman easy chair
Post -  Hoffman super post
Seat post clamp - Hoffman
Brakes - dia-comp  990's rear
Sprocket - Kink 44t
Cranks - profile 180mm
Pedals - Primo Meat tenderizers
Chain tensioner - primo venus



#13 2012-03-01 12:17pm

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Re: SUBMISSIONS: The Great Hoffman Bike Build Up

Also just finished putting together my 1995 Ramp Room Hoffman Condor:D

Frame: 1995 USA Made Hoffman Condor Original Stickers
Fork: Early Threaded Hoffman Superfork
Stem: Hoffman 1"
Bars: Hoffman Love Handles
Grips: Primo Logo
Wheels: Peregrine Super Pros
Cranks: Profile 180mm
Sprocket: GT overdrive 46t
Pedals: S&M
Pegs: Hoffman Big Shots and Laurels
Tires: Primo V monster
Seat: Oddysey Z77
Post: Standard Bikes
Brakes 990 and bulldog



#14 2012-03-01 1:24pm

From: Cullman, AL
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Re: SUBMISSIONS: The Great Hoffman Bike Build Up

Frame set-       1997 Hoffman Big Daddy
Stem-             TNT
Bars-              Hoffman Chocolate bars
Seatpost-        Primo Rod
Seat-              Odysset Z77
Wheels-          G-Sport Ribcage
Tires-             Fit FAF
Brakes-          Dia Compe 883(Porkchop) Front & Tektro 990 Rear
Levers-           Dia Compe Tech 99
Cranks-          Odyssey Excaliber 180mm
Sprocket-        TNT 46T
Pedals-           Primo Tenderizers
Pegs-             Odyssey Big Foot
Seat Clamp-    Porkchop
Grips-             Toadstool

I keep buying and selling, so I guess I wasn't happy with the four I had left.



#15 2012-03-03 2:22pm

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Re: SUBMISSIONS: The Great Hoffman Bike Build Up

Frame: 2012 Condor
Fork: Hoffman
Crank: Profile
Pedals: Hoffman
Sprocket: Simple
Tires: Odyssey
Rims: Alienation
Hubs: Hoffman
Headset: Superstar
Handlebars: Bonedeth 8.5
Grips: Odyssey
Brake Lever: Odyssey
Seat: Stolen
Seat Post: Shadow Conspiracy
Chain: 43 Hardware
Stem: Superstar
Brake: Superstar
Brake Cable: Animal
Bar Ends: Wethepeople



#16 2012-03-07 2:38pm

From: Madison, WI
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Re: SUBMISSIONS: The Great Hoffman Bike Build Up

My B.O.B. ride 06 Condor. Custom paint by Almost complete but not yet! yikes



#17 2012-03-08 12:49pm

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Re: SUBMISSIONS: The Great Hoffman Bike Build Up

Frame--1995 Hoffman Big Daddy
Bars--Hoffman Love Handles
Levers--Diatech 99
Cables--SST upper / Odyssey lower
Brakes--Dia-Compe 883 & Dia-Compe 990
Clamp--GT double
Cranks--Redline Flite
Tires--Odyssey Frequency G
Wheels--Hoffman with Nankai Freecoaster
Pegs--Hoffman Day Smith Loc'ed

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#18 2012-03-09 6:33am

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Re: SUBMISSIONS: The Great Hoffman Bike Build Up

93 big daddy
93 big daddy frame
super fork/ stem
1st gen peregrine q bars
odi mushroom city lites
tech 77s
odysgyro odys cables upper cable knarped
nippon front brake. 990 rear
peregrine homeless pimp wheel on a peregrine sealed hub radial laced
peregrine superpro with a suntour coaster modified by leif valin
indy pegs
odys black widows,z915 sprocket
peregrine sealed pedals
pyott seatpost clamp
gt seat chopped nose
odys freq gs



#19 2012-03-10 11:30am

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Re: SUBMISSIONS: The Great Hoffman Bike Build Up

HB Condor 2012 Replica frame

Built it from parts laying around the garage, some new parts purchased. An American Icon blended with European branded parts. See spec below. This bike is a build it to ride it bike and will be my bike for the season now that I see the finished thing. Please see comments below each pic to read my intention behind a few details.

The chrome rear wheel represents FASHION and FUNCTION. Better braking - better flashing

I promised my wifey not to spend much time in the garage this month. I did anyhow when I saw this build off. The pink Skyway Brake pads are matching the Hoffman flag on the seat tube and at the same time a color tribute to my two girls who let papa hang in the garage. To top it I'll donate the money from the sell of the parts I win to a Breast Cancer Foundation. Vote!

- 2012 Condor frame
- 2010 Leaf Limited greeen fork
- Leaf headset
- HB Toploader stem w. 43 anodized blue hardware
- HB Bama bar
- ODI grips
- WeThePeople pivotal seatpost
- WeThePoeple seat
- Eclat rear brakelever w. Salt Plus Hislick brakecable
- 2006 Tektro rearbrake w. 43 anodized blue by the cable transition
- Salt Chrome rear wheel 10T Microdrive
- Skyway Tuff II front wheel
- Eclat CTRL 2,30 tires
- WeThePeople Royal crank 175mm
- Eclat Surge PC pedals
- Salt Plus Half link chain
- WeThePeople Royal Crank

Build in Norway with pride! lol



#20 2012-03-10 4:05pm

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Re: SUBMISSIONS: The Great Hoffman Bike Build Up


1993 Hoffman Big Daddy Frame and Fork
Peregrine Q Bar
ODI Grips
TNT Freestyle Stem
Jinx Gyro Cover
Tioga F/S Seat w/guts flipped
GT Seatpost
Peregrine Double Seatclamp
Profile 43T Trifan Sprocket
GT Cranks
MKS Grafight Pedals
Peregrine Rims
Suntour Freecoaster 4X Laced
Peregrine Hub Radial Laced
ACS RL Edge Tires
Indy Pegs
Tech 77 Levers
Nippon Front Brake
990 Rear Brake
Upper Cable Shortened w/knarps

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#21 2012-03-10 8:10pm

Honkey straight going donkey
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Re: SUBMISSIONS: The Great Hoffman Bike Build Up

How did I miss this thread??!!!
Well it looks like I will be the dark horse in this race. It just so happens I got myself a condor a couple of weeks ago. I've been gathering parts for it and built it today completely unaware of this thread/contest. Here is the before pic at about 9am this morning.

It's too dark to get pics right now, so I'll take some whenever I get enough sun tomorrow morning. Parts list is:
97 Hoffman Condor frame & fork
Primo mustache bars w/primo grips
Hoffman stem
Primo hula hoops w/the wall tires
Primo powerbites w/poverty chainwheel
Primo Rod seat post
Bulletproof seat
GT pedals
KMC chain

Looking for an OG yellow Kuwahara laidback post for my Bravo. Any condition. PM me if you have one.
I need some chrome Hoffman Love Handles, PM me if you have some for sale/trade. Hoffman Easy Chair seat too!
Brothers on my jock for the way I ride a piece of steel...
So what cha saying?



#22 2012-03-10 10:04pm

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Re: SUBMISSIONS: The Great Hoffman Bike Build Up

Just finished this about an hour ago.  199? Condor.

Frame: 199? Hoffman Condor
Fork: Hoffman Super Fork (I think)
Decals: custom black vinyl
Stem: Hoffman
Bars: Bone Deth Dead Man
Grips: United
Seat post: Poverty Pivotal
Seat: Kink
Wheels: Haro 48 spoke
Tires: Demolition Momentum
Brakes: F-Set (rear), Dia Compe (front)
Detangler: Odyssey Gyro 3
Pads: Odyssey
Levers: Tech 99
Cranks: Eastern Tubular
Disc: Odyssey Torque Converter
Pedals: Animal Hamilton
Pegs: Pure Steel x4



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