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#1 2012-02-27 12:49am

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1983 JMC Racing Mini

1983 JMC Racing Mini

JMC Mini

Lukes Daily Rider

JMC mini Frame/Fork
Pro Neck mini stem/MX5 headset
alloy v-bars
Alloy mini cranks
Phil BB
KKT Peds
Ukai/sealed hubs
DC MX Brakes
alloy clamp

Aurora Australis



#2 2012-02-27 1:04pm

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Re: 1983 JMC Racing Mini

I Dig Your JMC mini... My son Derek likes racing my 84 JMC mini...  I Dig it the most when he leaves the gate...  Nice Collection bro...

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#3 2012-02-27 9:56pm

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Re: 1983 JMC Racing Mini

Cool little scoot:lol:

Always looking for Cook Bros. stuff, vintage SE stuff,  MCS 6 bolt Super stems,  and Race Inc. Leading Edge/Cycle Pro/BMX innovations 20" forks.  All NOS or in very nice condition.



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