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1999 Schwinn Pro Stock 1

#1 2011-12-06 1:06am

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1999 Schwinn Pro Stock 1

1999 Schwinn Pro Stock 1

My dream bike since I was 9!

in 2000, I received my 2000 Schwinn Predator, in Metallic blue(ever find one, let me know!). That bike was awesome, but I remember seeing the pro stocks in catalogs, and in shops. Always have wanted one, I fell in love with the yellow, White I will settle for.
A friend of mine was supposed to purchase the bike off craigslist. I asked him if he knew where he could get one, and it just so happened that he was picking this up in the next few days. He emailed the guy for me, and I took the deal over. I picked the bike up yesterday, and I'm already in progress of cleaning it up.

The main 3 pictures were taken this morning (11-26), The pedals are going to my girlfriend's bike, the seat was swapped, the bars are getting swapped, and the tires are swapped. Its cleaning up quite nice!

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