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Ebay Ripoff Moron (bmxbikesandmore)

#51 2011-07-24 10:28am

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Re: Ebay Ripoff Moron (bmxbikesandmore)

flock53 wrote:

OK....Im not defending bikesandmore AT ALL............BUT, if you didnt/couldnt see the cracks untill it was stripped....HOW COULD HE???? Regardless he didnt devulge the dings and should have.

I appreciate the fact that its ENTIRELY possible he didn't know it was cracked.  My problem is with the complete lack of communication or event the faintest bit of interest shown by this douche.  The thing he (and those like him) fail to realize is that ours is a small and very tight knit community.  The market for this kind of thing is just not that big, and once word gets around how he treats his customers (and it does fairly quickly) he's going to have a very hard time making any money at this. 

A burned bridge in our community spans in many different directions.  I personally would rather give a full refund (and have before) than have an unhappy customer.

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#52 2011-07-24 12:12pm

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Re: Ebay Ripoff Moron (bmxbikesandmore)

phusion X wrote:

tioga pool tires 20" new, 24.99

Plus they're outta stock. hmm

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