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Swap Meet/For Sale Rules

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Swap Meet/For Sale Rules

BMXMuseum For Sale Sections Rules & Regulations:

You must be a Pro Member to Sell on this Website:

Items, Terms, Post Etiquette:

- "For Buying/Selling of BMX related Items only" - Non-BMX Items are Subject to Deletion.
  This includes Stingrays or Stingray style Bikes as those are not currently considered BMX Bikes.
  There are to be no Mystery Boxes, Raffles or Charitable Auctions in the F/S Sections.

- Items must be in your Possession. No selling for a friend. Pictures must be your own, show the current condition & be of actual item. You must have at least 1 photo per Item. Also item must have a price.
- No Item can be Sold/Traded that was Produced w/o License or Permission from the Copyright Holder. No unauthorized repops.
- You may Edit to lower your Prices or add Pics but never delete Pics or Prices completely, whether the Item has SOLD or not. 
- When an item sells in a thread with multiple other items, just add a remark to the sold item like this " *SOLD* " (or similar).
- Condition of the Items must be accurate. Cracks, re-welds, repairs, dents etc...must all be mentioned in the Description.   
- No Key Word Spamming in the For Sale/Swap Meet section or Trade thread titles.
- Keyword spamming is when people use words or details (such as brands, item condition, model names, product names, style, and type) that have nothing to do with their items so that their listings will show up in search results. Since this clutters the forums and makes buying and selling more difficult, we don't allow keyword spamming.
- No Pre Sales! No feeler or Interest Threads.
- No Trash Talk of Members or their Items. No Post Jumping. Trying to Sell your Items on other Members Threads is not allowed.

Posting Time Lines & Listing Procedures:

- You can only have one Active For Sale Thread for each Item or Group of Items.
- You cannot List Multiple, Individual Item Threads. You must put Items together in one Thread.
(see Multiple Swap Meet Threads Below)
- You cannot List the same Item in both Sections at the same time.
- Once an Item has been Listed For Sale, you must wait 72 hours before re-listing it in either Section.
- When re-listing an Item you need to mark the previous Thread SOLD.
- When a Single Item Sells in a Multiple Item Thread, Mark It SOLD within the Thread like this ( $25.00 -- Sold )

Multiple For Sale Threads:

If you have a complete Bike, you may start a new Swap Meet Thread.
If you have more than 4 Items, you may start a new Swap Meet Thread.
Parts lots of Multiple pieces are Considered 1 Item.
If you have less than 4 Items, stop & do not make a new Swap Meet Thread until 72 hours have passed.

For Example:

a.) 4 Items: stop & start another Swap Meet Thread.
b.) 1-3 Items: stop & wait until 72 hours have passed before starting a new Swap Meet Thread.
c.) If you List a Bike as a complete then Sell a few parts off it you must mark the rest as SOLD & wait 72 hours before re-posting the excess Parts.


- No Links to another F/S Thread, Section, Craigslist, ebay, or any other sites.
- No Links to External Sites for Payment.
- Linking to more Photos on a image hosting site is allowed but You must have at least 1 Photo Per Item in your Thread/post.

Prices & Payments:

- A Price must be Posted for each Item For Sale. No bidding wars or best offer without a starting Price.
- If you Post a ridiculous Price "asking $1,000,000 OBO" your Thread will be removed.
- Once a Price has been Posted the Posted Price must be honored if the Item Sells.
- Sellers may not require Payment as a "Gift" through Paypal in their for sale threads. If you pay for an Item as a Gift you cannot file a claim against the Seller in the event of a problem.
- Absolutely no Friends&Family/Gift Payments Zelle/Venmo/Cash app ect...or hints of it in For Sale/Swap Meet/Flea Market Threads.

Posting Timelines Explained:
(72 hours = 3 days)

Swap Meet Section:


Once a thread has been listed for sale in the "Swap meet section" you must mark it sold & wait 72 hours (3 days) before relisting it again.
Just count 72 hours (3 days) from date first listed before relisting the item(s) back again in that section.

For Sale Section: 7 DAYS BEFORE BUMPING  ** No setting to Sold and re-creating Ad** USE BUMP ONLY

Once an item has been listed in the "For Sale section" you'll have the ability to put it back on the first page with the use of the bump button.
This bump button will show up after 7 days on your F/S page. (my For Sale).  You cannot close your sale & recreate it in order to bypass that limitation nor to put it on fresh listing.  Once a listing is made, your only option is to bump it, you cannot recreate it.  If you have a listing that has been marked pending or sold for legitimate reasons, but then needs to be relisted (example, deal fell through) then contact a Staff Member

Switching Sections:

Once an item(s) has been listed For Sale in the "Swap Meet section" & you choose to move it/them to the "For Sale section"  you must mark the thread sold & wait 72 hours before moving the items back into the "For Sale section"

Just count 72 hours (3 days) from date first listed before moving the item(s).
This vice versa if you move your items from "For Sale section" to the "Swap Meet section".

You must always "mark sold" if you relist or if you choose to move your items to another section.

You can only have one Active For Sale Thread with the Same Item(s).

If you require assistance or need clarification on anything contact one of the Staff Members Linked below:


Some General Guidelines (Every case is different):

Payday Loans - Sellers who do not Ship & Refund later on, will be Noted in the Admin Notes. Do it 3 times, youâ€re out. (Banned Permanently)
Scammers, Selling something & not Shipping, not Refunding or skip Town Sellers will be Banned.

If the Seller does not Ship within 1 week (unless arrangements have been made), PM a Mod/Admin. We will Investigate it until the matter is cleared.

If you relist an Item before 72 hours from the Time of originally Listing it has passed your F/S Thread will be Deleted, a Warning will be Issued & you cannot relist that Item for another 72 hours.

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