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#376 2010-07-21 12:52pm

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Re: JDB and new hutch stem



#377 2010-07-21 5:55pm

vintage chromoly
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Re: JDB and new hutch stem

this is my major issue with this reproduction junk. it's only a matter of time before someone eats the pickle on one of these. hmm

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#378 2010-07-21 6:44pm

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Re: JDB and new hutch stem

lurker wrote:

Yeah I bet he got about 20 emails with questions, his other stuff is listed pretty well.

No it isn't Crash-I remember a set of 1st Gen Hutch cranks that had drain holes in one picture that he must of forgot to omit in the listing-totally BS seller.  Not all the time-but many times.

LOL Pathetic is having to get a new account because you are afraid of your wife...  Your turn kitten balls ????

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#379 2010-07-28 11:59pm

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Re: JDB and new hutch stem

merbear is a total crook

he is always shady in his discriptions when selling stuff.

he sold of bunch of stuff as NOS in box when they were clearly rechromed

that was clearly a new stem... cant believe some suckers



#380 2011-04-08 6:45pm

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Re: JDB and new hutch stem

i got my black freestyle version 4 weeks ago, its a great product!



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