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1995 Univega Super G

#1 2010-09-18 12:18am

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1995 Univega Super G

1995 Univega Super G

Full Chromo race bike-donated to Charlotte Trips for Kids.

I never heard of Univega until I started researching this bike on the museum. The frame is really well built, all the welds are nice. I got this as a frame and fork set in a bulk purchase with the GT crankset already on it. I added new grips, brake cable, pads and the wheels and tires I had as spares laying around. The dropouts are 3/8" and the seat tube is 25.4".

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#2 2010-09-18 7:25pm

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Re: 1995 Univega Super G

Pretty cool..:cool: Finally put it in here hu..:) Thought you were getting rid of it..:P Nice bike though..:cool: You have quite the collection going on now..:cool:

Wife loves it when another package shows up in the mail..:D....NOT...:D

Question is, is the spoon really there?



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