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2003 Kuwahara E.T.

#1 2010-06-21 11:18am

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2003 Kuwahara E.T.

2003 Kuwahara E.T.

E.T.was changed to KZ1

I bought kuwahara bike from my friend but I didn’t know about it . It look like KZ 1 .
I read history Kuwahara bmx and I belived it that was E.T. reproduct but my bike  was chrome colour  no red/white colour.  There were 300 red/white colour bikes and 250 black/white bikes but no chrome bike .My bike was original  product from store in japan  and have few different issues of  red/white bike such as
Stem – red/white bike was black colour and my bike was black and silver colour
Seatpost - red/white bike used layback seatpost and my bike used straight seatpost  etc.
I rebuilded it look like KZ 1 thank.



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