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1999 Standard Trail Boss

#1 2010-06-21 8:02am

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1999 Standard Trail Boss

1999 Standard Trail Boss

2nd Standard and lovin' it

My neighbor had givin me a mountain bike with out wheels.
I just happen to have a set at work that I had made into a single speed
so i was going to make a ss gary fisher mtb.
When I was looking on CL one day it said BMX for trade
so i contacted the person and we made a sweet trade
he got a SS that he wanted and I got this beautiful Standard.
I rawed the frame and bars put some primo cranks on it, a new sprocket,Jalco wheels off a Hoffman, Fly Ruben grips, a Mosh stem, Odyssey pedals, and my own sticker set.
Of course I'm still gonna add or change some parts, but for now it's very rideable

restore and ride, that's what bikes are for



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