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#1 2006-11-05 8:00am

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1979 JMC Racing Long Standard

1979 JMC Racing Long Standard

Hey kids, here's what alot of hard work can get you. First bike I payed for myself.

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago. This was my RIDE in 8th grade.
JMC f/f
Bullseye hubs & euro bottom bracket
Dura-Ace cranks
KKT Lightening pedals
Araya 7b rims w/ red,white & blue spokes
Tuff Neck
Redline V-bars
Grab On MXII grips
Haro factory plate
MCS seat clamp
Kashimax seat
Dia-Compe brake
Skyway finned pads.
I threw papers for 1 1/2 years to buy this bike. Over $1000 in 1980 & let it go for pennies on the $ when I got rid of it.
Picture #3 is out of the July '81 Super BMX magazine, GNC Nationals, Astro arena, Houston, TX. (Qualified in the 1st heat, Crashed in the simi. MY LAST RACE).

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#2 2006-11-06 7:44pm

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Re: 1979 JMC Racing Long Standard

Bro, I know the feeling. I had  PK Ripper UNUSED that I sold for $100 to a buddy. He pawned it for $80 in 1998. Someone Is lovin it. That's how it goes. SOMEWHERE, there is a deal like that waiting for you again.

I also let the neighbor use my built-up Redline 600a, and never got it back as a teenager. Ooops.


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#3 2007-02-26 6:08pm

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Re: 1979 JMC Racing Long Standard

that bike is awesome! i had a paper route too- also worked in my step-dads machine shop during the summer and after school to buy my first elf. dreams and desires can be powerful motivators to work hard and stay the course.

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#4 2007-11-07 2:01pm

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Re: 1979 JMC Racing Long Standard

Man, what a throwback - thanks for sharing!  I did the same thing: Sold 2 mongooses, mowed lawns, threw papers (from mongooses) to buy my JMC. It was almost the same bike as yours except candy blue with Suntour (i think) gold 3pc. cranks and a blue Uni Seat that lasted forever. It was my best bike, my race bike. However I always tried to earn the "badge of honor" by cracking the frame at the headtube. Somehow through countless fouled airials and bad landings that never happened... I sold it to some kid from like $200 when I turned 16 and bought a car. I'd pay $2K to have that same bike back today....

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#5 2008-11-30 3:15pm

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Re: 1979 JMC Racing Long Standard

Wow that is a classic! Love the story. Thanks for sharing. That bike to me is what this hobby is all about. I was one of the lucky ones that got my original childhood bike back after 20 years. Its in my bikes. I restored it back to its hey-day. Anyways. I love your bike and your story. Thanks. smile

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#7 2009-12-25 4:58pm

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Re: 1979 JMC Racing Long Standard




#8 2010-02-25 10:23am

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Re: 1979 JMC Racing Long Standard

Sweet bike. I had a similar experience. . .tossed papers to buy all my bikes. I liked to switch it up about every 6 months or so, unless I found something I really liked, then I'd keep it till I outgrew it or it got stolen or, as with my Profile, I sold it 6 years after building it.

What's interesting here is your receipt. I remember adding the the prices of my bikes and they were always in the $800 range, but looking at old mail-order catalogs, most nicely spec'd complete bike were about $500. Your receipt verifies to me that my memory isn't as hazy as I think it is. I don't ever remember seeing any completes in shops, only f/fs to be custom built. Wish I'd been more savvy BITD and gone for one of those instead of building them from scratch.

I knew we were spending CRAZY money on bikes BITD. Your $1,000 bike would cost $2,815.50 today, while my $800 bike would be $2,252.00. Crazy money for 13 and 14-year-olds. (Speaking for myself there.)

Sweet bike.

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#9 2011-08-26 6:42pm

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Re: 1979 JMC Racing Long Standard

Nice to see another Irving guy on the BMX M saw the bill with adress on Portland . I went to Mac '87 lived on Mc Ham by Lee Rec  ,I like your 24's and your goose . I have Supergoose 83, DB sstreak , dyno 24 not posted yet .I dont know if I ever met you but we probly know sum of the same people if you went to IHS      Kent



#10 2016-03-08 5:54pm

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Re: 1979 JMC Racing Long Standard

Man this frame set looks a lot like a frame I purchased  from a fellow in Cali.

Looking for
Original finish and decal Race Inc Ra10.  Bike shop decal a plus.



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