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#26 2010-06-23 4:27pm

Bible Thumper
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Re: 2008 SE Racing Lil' Ripper 16

MADDAWG wrote:

That70'sGuy wrote:

where is the pic with the big ripper and the 16 taken ...looks familiar????

Some shop down the street - got rained out today probly go there today and see if i can find some old # for this plate  wink … per001.jpg

i have a crap load ......take what ya want

1 847 249 5670 shop ask for von never on thursday  bmxpert on duty.....
thats 1400 , leading to the safe return of the collection .....
210 264 8937
no law involved , just me my dad and 1400 in cash and you pointing a finger saying its in there [/b]



#27 2015-02-23 3:56pm

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Re: 2008 SE Racing Lil' Ripper 16

6 yr wait finally over

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