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#1 2007-02-25 9:33am

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1998 Redline RL 380

1998 Redline RL 380


My Rl380: rebuilt with some nos parts, kept it original except for the rims w/matching red hubs and not sure if the seat is correct as it did'nt have one when I got it, but fit purfectly.


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#2 2007-03-15 7:22pm

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Re: 1998 Redline RL 380

wow i have a friend that das 1 jest like that it's a rilly nice bike it's rilly fun to ride

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#3 2007-04-27 10:09am

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Re: 1998 Redline RL 380

dude niice bike i have a redline 800fs 1999 jus like tht

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#4 2007-05-06 10:41pm

Lord Dren
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Re: 1998 Redline RL 380

I just bought a1998 RL 380. Frame only. Does any 1 know what type of Fork  I can use?

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#5 2011-05-02 5:11pm

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Re: 1998 Redline RL 380

Is this a 1999 vs 1998?  I have a similar bike that I am trying to date.  The reason I am saying that is that it appears to have "squareback stays". Hard to see from the pic.

Not sure if they introduced the squareback stays in 1998 or 1999 (or if I even know what a squareback stay is smile )

I ran across this when searching:

"New from Redline in '98, The '99 RL 380 now has Squareback stays and the new Big Block cranks, and the Tektro 915A V-brake set! "

link ...

Here is mine with a closeup of what I think are "squareback stays"



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