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1984 Torker Freestylist

#1 2023-08-20 9:12pm

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1984 Torker Freestylist

1984 Torker Freestylist

One of 100 manufactured.

One of my top 3 favorite builds I've ever done!

I bought this frame and fork together many, many years ago from another fellow collector. I saw it first when he built it up and fell in love with it! I got to see it in-person at a show up and knew then and there I had to have it! We chatted back and forth about it for awhile until he finally sold it to me. I knew this was going to be one of those builds that would take me years to complete. I wasn't about to just throw any old parts on it and call it good. It sat idle for the better part of 5 years until I decided to start building it - all the while, collecting parts for it. After many different mock-ups of builds and numerous versions of color choice, I finally decided this is what it would be. I built this well over 15 years ago now. It sits in my home office with all my other "grail bikes". Every day I get to admire the beauty of this bike.  I hope you enjoy it too.

There are not too many of these that have surfaced or survived (around a dozen or so). A small group of them still have their matching forks with them - this is one of them. A huge shout out to the man himself who helped in designing this beautiful frameset - Martin Aparijo. You designed one of the coolest, most comfortable riding, early freestyle bikes ever made!!!

Frame/Fork - 1984 Torker Freestylist - restored by previous owner / NOS stickers applied
Bars: Vector VC-8's - Original chrome/original stickers, used
Stem: DK Freestyle Platform - 2nd generation, Polished, NOS
Grips: A'ME Rounds, Yellow - NOS
Brake Calipers: Dia Compe 880's Front & Rear - Polished, NOS
Brake Levers: Dia Compe Tech 5's - Chrome, NOS
Brake Cables: Dia Compe  - White, NOS
Headset: Hatta MX-100 - Chrome, NOS
Seat post Clamp: SR - Anodized Gold, NOS
Seat post: Tuf Neck -  Chrome, Straight - NOS
Seat: Kashimax Aero - Yellow, NOS
Wheels: ACS Z-rims (lightly used hoops) w/ ACS Low Flange Z-hubs (NOS) built w/ white Asahi Spokes and Nipples w/ Shimano 16T Freewheel, NOS
Tires: GT Shinko - White/gumwall, 20" x 1.75", NOS
Cranks: Anlun 3-piece - 175mm w/ Sugino Sealed Bottom Bracket set, NOS
Chainring: Anlun Integrated - White/polished , 44 tooth, NOS
Pedals: Shimano DX - Polished, NOS

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Trading (not selling): NOS green Haro tires for NOS blue or pink Haro tires  / NOS Yellow Grab-On MX-3 Grips for NOS Blue Grab-On MX-3 Grips

WTB: Vector VC-10 and Bob Haro Vector Handlebars - Chrome  / 1990 Haro Sport Bashguard plate / 1982 Haro Freestyler / 1984 VDC Freestyler / 1984 Free Agent Freeflite / 1984 Powerlite Freestyle / 1984 Vector Unlimited FS / 1984 GJS Freestyler Forks - condition doesn't matter / 1985 Elf Freestyler

Anyone wanting any of my bikes that are NOT marked NOT FOR SALE, feel free to send me your best offer. Who knows - I might say yes!



#2 2023-08-20 9:34pm

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Re: 1984 Torker Freestylist

The epitome of Freestyle cool……

I’m in  ̶L̶u̶s̶t̶ love !

Regards - Shuv.



#3 2023-08-20 10:01pm

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Re: 1984 Torker Freestylist

Badass :cool:

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Re: 1984 Torker Freestylist

Freestyle radness right here.

RIP Matt C 1997-2020
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#5 2023-08-21 9:29pm

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Re: 1984 Torker Freestylist

YO! Lovin da new pics'!!! :cool:

you should add them to the FREESTYLIST Thread>>> … 901341&p=1

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Re: 1984 Torker Freestylist




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