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1984 Haro Master

#1 2023-08-16 8:42am

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1984 Haro Master

1984 Haro Master

One of my many early freestyle bikes. - 1st Generation

I bought the frame and fork from another avid Haro collector. The frame and fork have their original chrome and original stickers on them. I've been building this one up to replicate the chrome one pictured in the Fall of 1984 FREESTYLIN' article of "HARO - All The Right Moves" where they wrote about both the Master and the Sport.  It's close to being accurate but I'm still missing a few extremely hard to find parts!  I'll find them one day...

Frame/Fork - 1984 Haro Master - 1st generation - original chrome/original stickers
Bars: Haro Style Bars - original chrome (to be replaced w/ Vector VC-10's)
Stem: Suntour MS1100 Power Stem  -Anodized Blue, NOS
Grips: A'ME Tri's - Blue, NOS (to be replaced w/ Blue Oakley B-2's)
Brake Calipers: Dia Compe MX 1000 Front & Rear - Blue Anodized, NOS
Brake Levers: Dia Compe Tech 4's - Anodized Blue, NOS
Brake Cables: Dia Compe  - Blue, NOS
Headset: Tioga MX 2 Quick Adjust - Chrome, NOS
Seat post Clamp: Dia-Compe MX Hinged Seat Post Clamp - Anodized Blue, used
Seat post: Anlun -  Chrome, Laid-back - Used
Seat: Shot Gun II, Blue, used
Wheels: Skyway Tuff II's - White, Alloy flanged, Suntour coaster brake rear, used
Tires: National Panaracer - Black/gumwall, 20" x 1.75", NOS
Cranks: Sugino CT Cranks - 175mm w/ Tioga BB-220 Sealed Bottom Bracket set, used
Chainring: Sugino - Chrome, 44 tooth, used, w/ Sugino Chairing Bolts and Nuts, NOS
Pedals: MKS Grafight-X Pedals - Black, used

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Trading (not selling): NOS green Haro tires for NOS blue or pink Haro tires  / NOS Yellow Grab-On MX-3 Grips for NOS Blue Grab-On MX-3 Grips

WTB: Vector VC-10 and Bob Haro Vector Handlebars - Chrome  / 1990 Haro Sport Bashguard plate / 1982 Haro Freestyler / 1984 VDC Freestyler / 1984 Free Agent Freeflite / 1984 Powerlite Freestyle / 1984 Vector Unlimited FS / 1984 GJS Freestyler Forks - condition doesn't matter / 1985 Elf Freestyler

Anyone wanting any of my bikes that are NOT marked NOT FOR SALE, feel free to send me your best offer. Who knows - I might say yes!



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Re: 1984 Haro Master

Great build radmeon. I have one myself in similar condition and the look and ride is awesome. :cool: :thumbs-up:



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