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1986 GT Timberline 26

#1 2022-11-03 4:54pm

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1986 GT Timberline 26

1986 GT Timberline 26

Heavy Duty 2 Wheeled Leg Powered Express

My last courier bike.  DC. Scored at DuPont Circle like '93. Frame, Campy headset, headset lock with neck. The fork came from my dispatcher, Gary, who raced mountain bikes and had this sitting around.  Had it installed when I put this bike together. Likely 1993. By the way, that shock front fork saved my life I bet, or close to it, when I was doored on Christmas Eve, on M Street just east of Post building by a lady who swung door of her red Fiero into traffic.  Caught door latch edge on front tire and went flying. Potato chipped front wheel, though frame and rest of bike, and me for that matter, fine.  When I bought bike the upper rear chain stay had a crimp.  I had a friend recommend I go to this guy that was a welder for Hutch who had a bicycle welding shop in hi back yard.  I was in my early 20's.  He was well in his 50's.  This is 30 years ago.  Anyway he decided a magnesium tube would be best.  So it does not shine like chrome, though plenty tough and balance was always fine.  Nice work, man from somewhere near Baltimore brother. 

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Former DC bicycle courier-5 years.  Reading BMX mags counts as reading.



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