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2016 GT Speed Series Carbon

#1 2022-07-01 8:32am

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2016 GT Speed Series Carbon

2016 GT Speed Series Carbon

Carbon racer

Being that I own chromoly and aluminum GT race frames, the next logical step was to look for a carbon GT race frame. I figured it would be next to impossible to find the carbon frame they made in the late 90s, I decided to look for a newer race frame. After a few months of searching, this frame and fork came up for sale locally. I messaged the seller and made arrangements to pick it up! He even threw in some cranks and hoops (which I destroyed by accident). It sat for over a year until I got this wild hair and decided I wanted to go racing for my 40th bday. Still haven’t done it lol, but the bike is now ready 😂

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#2 2022-07-01 5:08pm

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