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1998 SE Racing OM Flyer Enduro 26

#1 2022-05-28 9:10am

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1998 SE Racing OM Flyer Enduro 26

1998 SE Racing OM Flyer Enduro 26

Tight bike, short rear end

Cool BMX history - this was made right when Firemans was starting. Our originals were made by Fabweld in FL, but I contacted SE Racing in 1999-they helped me update/refine our design, and they ended up taking over our manufacturing. Mike Devitt was instrumental in helping me with that process, and I will forever be appreciative. I had actually sent him some photos a few years before of me riding my other OM (see light blue listing) on the 100 mile Shiner Beer ride, so initially this is how he knew who I was when I called. When I went to visit them, I met and had lunch with Sal and the guys, and that is how I ended up working with Sal later on!

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