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2021 Haro Pistol 26

#1 2022-04-20 9:27am

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2021 Haro Pistol 26

2021 Haro Pistol 26

Rides real nice

I don't know how it rode stock it definitely needed a little extra love out of the box. Replaced factory plastic crank washers with alloy ones and got cranks spinning nicely after reassembly. Frame is put together very nicely and the welds are very good. The paint is a really nice metal flake and the decals though gaudy are really well applied under a clearcoat. Rides excellent now still I still need to put a White freewheel on but stock one is ok til it breaks
--Stock wheelset swapped tires out tho saved a lot of weight there--Wasn't fan of eyeball sprocket but it'll work on this other klunker build I have..stock cranks now with SE spider/chainring combo 39--Stock pedals and seatpost are terrible swapped for Ritchey pro post with wtb volt saddle saved a lot of weight there and Odyssey twisted pc pedals..--Alienation Chicago bars and Kink frontload stem saved more weight..the stock Haro grips are pretty nice but I like Fly Rubens so those went onProbably put on a red spider and seatclamp down the road and I plan to swap wheels out as more parts off this will go on the Schwinn .I'll be interested to see how light it will be then it's now at +/- 25.8 lb

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