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2018 Haro Team Sport

#1 2022-01-13 9:52pm

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2018 Haro Team Sport

2018 Haro Team Sport


Haro 2018 Lineage Sport frame 20.75 TTHaro Lineage Kneesaver HandlebarHaro Lineage 990 Fork  Haro Deadset Integrated Headset    Haro Lineage top load stemSnafu Mobeus Detangler  Snafu Gyro Plate   Odyssey Evo 2.5 front and rear brakesOdyssey G3 Upper or Lower detangler cable x 2Odyssey Slic Cable   Diacompe Tech 77 LeversHaro Team Grips Haro Lineage Seatpost Clamp  Haro Pivotal Fluted Seatpost  Haro Fatty Pivotal Seat   Haro Lineage Chrome Plated HP Super Pro 48H Wheelset  Haro TubesHaro HPF TiresHaro Fusion Pegs Haro Lineage Group 1 Crankset 165mm  Haro Team Disc Sprocket 28THaro Mid Bottom Bracket   Haro Baseline Halflink Chain   Haro Fusion Pedals   Blue dice value capsPurchased through

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#2 2022-02-23 7:40pm

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Re: 2018 Haro Team Sport

Great pics! Thanks for sharing.

I had a 1987 Haro Sport back in the day and for a short bit I had a GT pro performer World Tour and a Hutch Windstyler. I had a half-pipe and Jay Miron, Jeff Adams and Jamie Merritt rode at my house once in a while. I was into both flatland and ramps but I was better at ramp riding. I'm from Thunder Bay, Ontario but now live in Calgary, Alberta (Canada). I have spent a lot of time in the USA. I have a 20" Lineage 2018 Haro Sport Chrome/Black, 20" Lineage 2018 Haro Sport Chrome/White/Black 21cm top tube, Trek bmx, 2001 Diamond Back JuJu and a Dyno. I also have an old Haro Extreme mountain bike.These days I'm into mountain and road biking more than bmx.



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