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1989 Free Spirit No Limit

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1989 Free Spirit No Limit

1989 Free Spirit No Limit

1989 Free Spirit, No Limit. I purchased it off of ebay because it was a close local pickup & a complete specimen of the 80's freestyle dept. store bikes. No other "No Limit" on the museum now.

I purchased this bike off of ebay simply because it was a close local pickup and a complete specimen of the 80's freestyle department store bikes. I actually think it looks cool for what it is.
From the serial (of which I believe several digits are obscured) I am pretty sure it's a 1989 build Free Spirit No Limit. It also has "Team No Limit" on the TT, but I do not believe it's a true "Team" model.
It is a clean bike with very few blemishes on the paint, with the main wear o the bike being the balding og "Golden Boy" tires on 28 spoke Araya reminiscent rims on KT hubs, stopping on some Chang Stars with og pads. The CW style bars, and layback seatpost are a nice touch. Overall cool cheap old school freestyler.
**Update** 1/15/21 Last night I took the "No Limit" apart, cleaned, and greased everything, scrubbed the seat, wheels, bars, seat-post, stem, brake levers, calipers,  and grips down, replaced the pedals with some cleaner, whiter ones, removed the chain guard (that was the first thing I did as a kid, always thought even dept store bikes looked better without them),replaced the og white tires with new Kendas 1.95's in Orange...
I think it looks even better now with the orange tires bringing out the orange shadowing of the decal lettering. I would have went white with the tires, but have plans for all my white sets currently. I cant wait to post my 86 Haro once I get it back from powder and put back together. I've been lazy about posting my bikes so far but promise to post at least one a week until I get them all posted.So I have a few months of posting to do lol

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