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1986 Hutch Pro Racer

#1 2021-07-25 8:53pm

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1986 Hutch Pro Racer

1986 Hutch Pro Racer

Awesome Hutch Pro Racer - One of my all time favorite bikes

My good buddy obtained this fantastic Hutch Pro Racer from a friend of Tim Judge & he was kind enough to turn it over to me.  One of the coolest things I found about this bike were photos of Tim Judge actually jumping it.  I understand Tim wouldn’t  attest to owning the bike because he couldn’t benefit from the bikes he was given for photo shoots.

This cool Black & Silver Hutch Pro Racer includes:*Slick Black Hutch Pro Racer frame & drilled fork (old school)*Pro Racer Gen 2 handlebars (old school)*Hutch Hubs (old school - front & back) with Lowey axles (they practically spin forever)*Tuf Neck stem (old school)*Araya 7x black hoops 20x1.75 (old school)*White Industries sprocket (16t-new)*Dia Compe 901 front & back calipers (dated, old school)*Dia Compe Tech 6 Levers (dated, old school)*Hutch seat post clamp (old school)*Hutch seat (old school)*Kuwahara laser lay back seat post (old school)*Super Maxy Cross cranks (old school)*Hutch pads (old school)*Campagnolo Headset (old school)*JDB Hutch grips (new)*Primo 1.95 tires (new)
Take care & God bless!

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#2 2021-07-28 6:04am

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Re: 1986 Hutch Pro Racer

Awesome parts list !!! Flip those seat guts…

For all the Homies that never got a chance to hook up their ride ....



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