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1983 Race Inc. RA-10

#1 2021-07-04 11:30am

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1983 Race Inc. RA-10

1983 Race Inc. RA-10

Nice local find here in Alaska

I purchased a really solid Race Inc. locally off craigslist here in Alaska. I have the original Race Inc. bars and Uni hammerhead seat that came off of it. The stem, cranks, fork are original as I found it. I lightly brushed the raw aluminum frame and did the same with the cranks since they were faded. The fork is original to the bike and were black so I had the fork re-powdered. I threw a set of the powdered black CW bars on it as I liked the look the larger handlebar. Troy’s Cajoo bits on the pedals look great!

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#2 2021-07-14 5:00pm

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Re: 1983 Race Inc. RA-10

Well done! :cool:

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