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1987 Robinson Pro

#1 2021-05-27 8:28am

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1987 Robinson Pro

1987 Robinson Pro

My final Bike build which took me many years to complete.

This is the last BMX that I’ll ever build, my swan song.

I had this exact same bike with exactly the same parts minus the tires when I was a kid.
I raced it in the ABA and NBL back in the day. I learned how to do aerial 360’s on a ramp made from an old door and a saw horse in front of my mothers house on this same bike.
Within a couple years of building the bike I met my first serious girlfriend. She of course turned out to be a manipulative psycho and forced me to sell my beloved bike for $500 to fund an imaginary “problem”.
When we broke up, I never saw it or her ever again.
That is a true story and it never sat well with me and I swore I would get it back one day and 30+ years later that day has arrived.

Breaking Hearts & hymens from here to Halifax.
Rare new & old school stuff & Rare DH mountain bikes.



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