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Undeliverable stickers....Fix your address!!!

#51 2021-02-27 7:04am

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Re: Undeliverable stickers....Fix your address!!!

justlive wrote:

Wow. That's alot of wasted stamps. I didn't see my name on there but I've only received stickers maybe 4 times in 12 years? sad

You’re not alone sad. How are people chosen to get them? Is there a random list or something?

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#52 2021-03-04 4:46pm

AJ Macaroo
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Re: Undeliverable stickers....Fix your address!!!

Not on the return list but did receive my sticker pack couple weeks for my renewal the 4th straight year no issues. Thx GAry.


Some older ones I haven’t used yet, might just save them and frame ‘em.

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#53 2021-05-07 8:31pm

Brian Hays
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Re: Undeliverable stickers....Fix your address!!!

I renewed in Feb and haven't received anything. Address is right because my calendars showed up.

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