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2005 Fit Aitken S2i

#1 2020-11-20 6:48pm

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2005 Fit Aitken S2i

2005 Fit Aitken S2i

The one that started it all

Bought off BMX-Forum in 2005 and ridden for 3 years. Then for Christmas 2008, I used the Fit trade-in program to trade up to an S3.5.

Changed constantly, but as of this picture in 2007, it was set up as:
Frame: S2i Euro bbFork: Odyssey Pro RaceBars: Odyssey Civilian SvelteStem: Odyssey ElementarySeat: Haro? (Changed to MacNeil Pivotal as soon as it came out, pic 2)Post: ShadowCranks: ProfilePedals: Odyssey JCSprocket: TreeChain: Shadow interlockRear wheel: Odyssey midway 48hFront Wheel: Profile SS, Odyssey 7ka Rear Tire: Animal GLHFront Tire: Snafu Knob Job



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