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1981 GT Pro

#1 2020-10-09 9:53am

Joey-Old School BMXer
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1981 GT Pro

1981 GT Pro

Tastefully done to classic revival pro race standards with doors blown off.

First of all play Everlasting Bass.
Seeking the right formula for my bike, I relied on age old marriage traditions. 

Something new: Front tire Tioga Fast React and odi handgripsSomething old: 1981 GT Pro three piece combo
Something NOS: Bullseye bottom Bracket bearings and GT pad setSomething gold: Velocity Aero-Heat Rims, pedals, Profile chainring, Tange sealed headset, '83 Dia Compe MX 900 brake, 2 fingered brake lever
Something black: Redline Double Pinch CranksSomething black and gold: 112 link D.I.D. chain
Six bolt Odyssey StemSix-brass button GT seat
90% Billy Grand hook-up.  This dude, like none other, listened to my ideas on color scheme after the F, F and bars were in the bag.  He then proceeded to find numerous parts that made the Bling Sing. 
IREIAZ done his share. 
Thanks to all my brethren looking out for this bold to behold ride, which includes, as always, Dan TheFrameKing.   
Trek 6 has been my bro in this Miami town since the day we met.  Glad to do photo shoot in-front of his Boom-Box graffiti masterpiece.
Though much has been bought for this build, the Redline Cranks were borrowed from an upcoming build box. The Bullseye bearings wanted an 8 spline axle, not the GT CRANKS I had planned, nor my second choice, a Profile pair.  Blue is featured in the GT stickers.   
Never imagined I would actually get to ride the bike featured in the November 1981 BICYCLE MOTOCROSS ACTION article “GT PRO KIT”.  The memories of looking at those GT ads in my BMX mags still ring strong in my mind as the ultimate ride.  I was right, she wheelies righteously, w/o flipping out.

Former DC bicycle courier-5 years-



#2 2020-10-09 9:22pm

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Re: 1981 GT Pro

Another sweet rat rod,  Joey.   Gotta love those early GT frames. 
Keep ridin' 'em like you stole 'em.  That's what they were built for.
Keep up the good work.



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