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208 Redline

#1 2020-09-09 12:28pm

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208 Redline

208 Redline

Redline 20” race bike “mini/expert”??

Picked this up with another frame and some random parts. Not sure exactly what it is. I know it is a mini or similar and I think based on serial it’s 08. Other than that, I know it’s 6061 aluminum frame and super light. I don’t have any wheels but my son wants to ride it, so I threw on some junk “Walgoose” mags that came with the purchase. Had to remove the brakes to do so, but they were seized up anyway. I’ll hold on to them in case...Not sure what I’m gonna do with it, but for now I’ll let my 6 year old ride it till his birthday when he’s getting a new bike. New 170mm crank arms (OG redline crank arm threads are stripped on left side and only catch on a few threads on drive side) and some triple traps pedals. Also put larger bars for time being.
Edit. I changed it up a little. Threw some 1.5” 110psi tires on some 1.5” aluminum rims. Also painted (very poor attempt) fork and bars black. My son loves it. Can’t wait to get to the track. It is so light compared to anything I’m used to.

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