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2010 DK Opsis

#1 2020-08-27 7:53am

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2010 DK Opsis

2010 DK Opsis

Vanilla Wafer

I thought I would try to learn flatland awhile back and this was a great entry level rig at the time.  I'm 6'1" and it's way too short to cruise around on so I only ever practiced in the driveway.  It sat until my daughter was big enough for a 20" bike.  She fell in love with it and it’s hers now.  Had to take the pegs off after a trail incident involving stitches :)
Tires: Primo V-Monster 1.95s (no blackwall tires allowed)
Wheels: Alienation PBRs with freecoaster (stock)
Seat: Felt padded seat
Grips: Cult Vans with Shadow Conspiracy ends
Pedals: Odyssey twisted
Bars: Needed something taller so grabbed these bars from a bike shop leftover pile, spray bombed with some hammer finish paint
Water Bottle Holder: (not pictured) - only fits on the top tube
Basket: (proposal refused)
Accent pieces: Gold!



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