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#1 2020-05-13 1:31pm

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2001 Haro Backtrail X24

2001 Haro Backtrail X24

F@#k Covid-19. Lockdown build.

I bought this frame and fork about 2007 to build up and  ride with my son on the 18" 2hip he got for Xmas. Later it became my wife's rider as I had built myself a Dirtmaster Big Bertha. That was fun rocking around the neighborhood on our BMX bikes. Fast forward a few years and no one wants to cruise around with Mom and Dad, so the bikes sat. They sat outside for a while and unfortunately started to deteriorate a bit. I managed to get the Dirtmaster and 2hip in storage before it got to bad, but this bike became quite weathered.
So now stuck at home in the middle of this crazy pandemic, we needed some exercise for body, mind and soul. A trip to storage for parts, a can of paint and plastidip and we got wheels. I built the front wheel myself for Bertha and wanted to use the set on this build. Unfortunately I forgot that the rear GSport hub is 30mm freewheel only. I can't run smaller gears due to the chainstay brake clearance, hence the Skyway on the rear. If you can help me with a solution to adapt a 16t freewheel to a 30mm hub, I would greatly appreciate it. I hope you enjoy my build.



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