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2020 SE Racing Fast Ripper 29

#1 2020-04-09 6:58am

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2020 SE Racing Fast Ripper 29

2020 SE Racing Fast Ripper 29

Raddest commuter bike out there right now

Was needing a bike to commute to work, domy part to save the planet & get my old ass in shape.  Was debating a commuter, or gravel bike then took a deeper look at this one & knew I found what I was looking for.  Gears are super handy since I have a steep climb at the end of the ride home.
Mostly stock bike, having only added a Profile clamp and Haro fusion pedals so far, but the mind is running through lists of parts, so stay tuned for updates.

Want to thank Ken and the crew at El Sobrante Cyclery for hooking me up with this sweet ride.

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#2 2020-04-09 12:27pm

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Re: 2020 SE Racing Fast Ripper 29

“That’s a gooood pup” (belly scratches)

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#3 2020-04-09 9:33pm

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Re: 2020 SE Racing Fast Ripper 29

Definitely the sweet ride for the bmx commuter. And luv the dog. wink

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