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#1 2020-03-16 9:25am

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1986 GT JR Performer 16

1986 GT JR Performer 16

1986 GT Jr Performer Survivor in OG Chrome!

Here’s my little 1986 GT Jr. Performer. It started as a frame and fork build. When I got the bike it still had most of the OG chrome backing decals and even the bike store sticker! The chrome original finish is really nice. I’ve changed it around a few times on this one. Now I’ve pieced  a few correct parts for it and bam this is how she came out!

Pieced with a few extra parts I had laying around! smile Thanks!

Looking for...   *89 GT PP or PFT Survivor *89 GT Agressor * 88-90 Dyno Pro Compe/Slammer OG *GT Brake Coaster *Dinky Dyno 88-90 OG *White 3 winged Disc 88-89 *AME 80’s Flangeless Tri Black Grips



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