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1985 Redline 600c

#1 2020-02-26 9:24pm

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1985 Redline 600c

1985 Redline 600c

All Chrome-Moly race bike.  SOLD.

Frame was purchased off EBay on Christmas day, 2019, as a present from me to me. 

Original listing stated, "Don't know exact model . Was told it was a 500b a Pro line. Not 100 percent sure what model.
Looks like it was a teal color originally ."
Scoured a few deals off Ebay over the next month including:
SR MS-422 stem (salt corroded from Salt Lake City, UT. Off 80's Redline)
Powerlite Akisu 1" Chro-Moly Fork (1994)
KMC Blue Z410 1/2 x 1/8 chain (new)
The real scores came from the For Sale listings on the BMXMuseum site. 
Such as:
Redline dbl pinch 180mm cranks that came with 19mm axle and sealed bearings. Thanks to Darren Dcbmx1
Wheels roll with a pair of Redline sealed hubs on Sun rims.
Redline Steel 44T sprocket from rcsnipe2000
Chang star brake set blue front equipped with Pink and purple kool stop pads.  Special thanks to Dan TheFrameKing who goes the last mile for a smile.
Vintage Blue V-Bars got on an old Redline. Delivered from Detroit Rock City rosie25
AME Tri Grips & NOS Chang Star rear brake lever Blue Ano both from collector68

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#2 2020-10-01 2:50pm

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Re: 1985 Redline 600c

A great piece of Redline magic.   Love the stickerless stealth look too.



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