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1983 VDC Changa

#1 2020-02-07 6:12pm

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1983 VDC Changa

1983 VDC Changa

I love the unique design of the frame, fork and cranks and it rides amazing on top of all that!

I purchased this from Ebay member maczac69 and made some very minor changes; otherwise it came to me in immaculate condition. VDC Changa frame and forks VDC monkey bars VDC cranks ACS Z-rims Bullseye hubs Shimano DX seatpost Hutch JDB clamp Kashimax Aero seat Pro Neck stem Tuf Neck chain ring Hutch JDB bear trap pedals Dia Compe MX brake VDC reproduction pads



#2 2020-02-08 12:05am

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Re: 1983 VDC Changa

Super nice cool

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#3 2020-02-08 1:33am

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Re: 1983 VDC Changa

Very sharp looking Changa.

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