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#1 2020-02-01 11:46am


1994 Robinson Pro

1994 Robinson Pro

48 spoke 48t 20t

95 robinson decals I took off the Og decals because I like the red white blue flag decals or the best ...its fast in light
Found the Robinson hanging in garage sale 40$ no rust or bents just dusty .The guy that sold me the Robinson say his son only road a few times since the day he got brand new I took off some of the Og parts and upgrade the Robinson with my own customs 48t gt wing stamp chaining 48 spoke Xs ss3 rear 20tDrain pipe pork chop seat clamp web seat kenda quick tires 20175 new robinson pad set chrome new brakes set 990 pork chop air uni plat mongooges front hub 48 spoke new chrome kmc chain spurs chain tensioner Super fast n f#!$king light Race against my home boy Pk ripper was no match for my Robinson 4130 baby


#2 2020-02-01 12:55pm

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Re: 1994 Robinson Pro

Been f$#*ing with Robinson  products since the late eighties!!! Still own my original 92’ all original from California factory Pro Team model. Nothing rides like old School Gary Turner made bikes!!
Congrats nice score!!



#3 2020-02-01 2:55pm

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Re: 1994 Robinson Pro


For all the Homies that never got a chance to hook up their ride ....



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