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#1 2020-01-11 11:58am

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1983 VDC Changa

1983 VDC Changa

Changa, bought from OG owner.

I got this from the OG owner who lived in Orange California. He bought it at the infamous Peddle Power bike shop.  I did swap out wheels, which I laced, and handlebars. I also added a couple replacement decals as some were missing, and of course I had to put my Sundance pads on it.

Repair disclaimer: If you have choose not take care of your bill for whatever reason, consider your property forfeited 30 days after I tell you it is completed.
Purchase Disclaimer: if you give me a deposit for parts you are purchasing, and don’t finish paying by the deadline we agree too, your purchase is null and void and I will not refund your money, unless we discuss and come to a new agreement. You will forfeit the deposit and rights to said parts

If there is extenuating circumstances I am sure we can work it out, just talk to me.



#2 2020-01-11 12:01pm

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Re: 1983 VDC Changa

Digging it. cool ride.



#3 2020-01-11 4:05pm

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Re: 1983 VDC Changa

Cool to see another Changa pop up. Looks good.

ABA Ca-13 1982-84  #926 #547 #123



#4 2020-01-11 4:13pm

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Re: 1983 VDC Changa


Looking for a 24" GT fork 87-89

Win TWINS!!!



#5 2020-01-12 4:41am

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Re: 1983 VDC Changa

One of my dream bikes bitd and still now! Love those Sundance pads btw!

Check out my 1983 VDC-built Trident, 1983 Kuwi Laserlite and 2011 Crupi race rig, plus the all things Crupi & old school scene in Japan threads. Always interested in buying used, mid-school race plates.



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