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#1 2020-01-06 7:47am

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1998 Quamen Clad G1

1998 Quamen Clad G1

just like my first quamen

This Quamen came all the way from Spain, got it a few months ago, and could'nt pass on it, it looks identical to my first ever Quamen, which I got in 2003 in Puerto Rico from now late dear friend Pedro Medina. ( For 75 bucks back then!). set it up very similar to my original bike. profile 170's, shimano dx pedals without pins, odyssey 99er seat, primo casket stem, graveyard og bars, white tech 77/990, odyssey 7ka 48's, nankai 14t technolite, odyssey frequency G tires, primo tubesteaks, primo clamp, primo grips, camacura bar ends directly from my og bike as well, and well used. This is a romanticized version( less beat up, a tad more coordinated) of my og Q which is in the older pic, and had super pros, a cut off gt seat  I had ridden for ages, one piece sugino 165mm cranks and a graveyard sprocket, although later on these same profiles and pedals were added, the newer bike also boasts over 40 extra pounds on my side lol. At least the hand positioning is the same and overall style. thanks Alejandro Marques for the hook up! Pedro, R.I.P, this one's for you!



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