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1979 Cook Bros. Racing

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1979 Cook Bros. Racing

1979 Cook Bros. Racing

Original Chrome CBR frame with an original CBR European bottom bracket  with a mix of NOS and reprop decals with CBR chrome forks in mint condition. 

I bought the complete CBR off eBay Sept 2019 (see 2nd photo below). I saw the auction with 30 seconds to go, a threw in a bid and won the complete bike for $601. However when it was shipped , the bike got trashed and dropouts bent, forks damaged. It had the seat post frozen into , which I knew about and had signs of many years of people trying to pull it out. Probably why no one wanted it. People had tried to remove seat post , you could tell, it had been work on over many years because seat post was all chewed up to bits and bent in all directions. Well, Chris (museum member Csears2007) got it out after trying all types of techniques to remove it. Finally, he put it into ice and heat over hours of hard work, and got it out. And dropouts he bent back over a couple hours bending slightly each time to not crack the chrome. Absolutely unbelievable work. He cleaned it up with his special chrome cleaning technique, and boom, out came this beauty. I got a $350 refund on the complete bike because of the shipping damage, so the frame end up costing me about $250 plus labor. Additionally, Chris applied the NOS and reprop CBR decals with another decal applying technique, of which I would have never had the patience to do. A true survivor BMX frame and history, thanks CSears. I purchased the mint CBR forks separately, those that came with the bike were wasted in shipping.

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