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#1 2008-09-19 8:19am

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1994 Dyno VFR

1994 Dyno VFR

My favorite bike

Had this bike for about 6 years. Found it at a junk yard. I want to restore it just need to get parts.



#2 2011-12-12 2:20pm

From: Syracuse, NY
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Re: 1994 Dyno VFR

just got done with a full restore includeing a OA bath. turned out great! mine has the factory "proponent" break system, junk... i hope who ever i sell it to changes it fast. great bikes though, good geometery.

LET'S GET THE REFERENCE SECTION BUILT UP! If you have parts that are not yet listed, please submit them. It helps everyone.
WANTED: -pre 89' Haro stuff
                -Anything that gets me closer to my 88' team sport
                -Jamis Laser 2001
                -89'-93' Solution f/f set
                -92 Tailwhip diamondback bars

I miss my Haro... I know you have it... I will keep looking for you...



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