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#1 2019-11-01 3:47pm

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1980 SR Toro 2

1980 SR Toro 2

1 of 2 known

I got this from the original owner, it sat in a Phoenix backyard until it was given to me, the sun did its damage to almost all the anodized parts, tires, grips and seat, which I replaced with exactly what I took off...aside from those parts, everything on this bike is original to it, even the wheels were only taken off once, by me to replace the tires

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#2 2019-11-02 8:27am

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Re: 1980 SR Toro 2


Just a kid in an old body



#3 2019-11-02 8:40am

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Re: 1980 SR Toro 2

Dig it! cool

Looking for a 24" GT fork 87-89

Win TWINS!!!



#4 2020-06-26 5:57pm

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Re: 1980 SR Toro 2
Found this one today and yours is the only 1 I can find. Been looking for info on it but nothing really out there. I thought or hope you could help.

Build your bikes the way you want. Always looking for 85/86 dyno but don't always have money for them.



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