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#1 2019-10-08 7:16am

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1987 GT Pro Freestyle

1987 GT Pro Freestyle

Was Dayglo pink but the paint was terrible so I rechromed it

Ukai HP super pro equalizer rims,, Odyssey Barefoot tires

If it's in my photos I still own it!!!!



#2 2019-10-08 7:33am

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Re: 1987 GT Pro Freestyle

Sweet! cool

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#3 2019-10-11 10:31am

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Re: 1987 GT Pro Freestyle

Great job, looks fab!



#4 2019-10-13 10:24pm

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Re: 1987 GT Pro Freestyle

I can't believe that I'm a witness to the first recorded instance of a pfft that was dayglo pink being restored into anything not dayglo pink

Looking for a '79-'82 torker



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