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#1 2019-09-28 5:52pm

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2012 Sunday Aaron Ross Pro

2012 Sunday Aaron Ross Pro

Black and orange custom theme

Took parts I had lying around and put this together. Came out custom for sure! 
Sunday Aaron Ross pro orange soda complete
Sunday fork
Odyssey double space bars
Sunday freeze stem
Odyssey emoji grips
Odyssey brake lever
Odyssey evo2 brake 
Odyssey brake cable
Odyssey keyboard seat
Odyssey seat post
Sunday seat post clamp
Odyssey pegs
Odyssey twisted pedals 
Odyssey thunderbolt cranks
Odyssey 512 chase hawk 30t sprocket
Odyssey vandero2 hubs
Gsport rims
Custom orange and black spoke lace job 4 sections of 9
Odyssey chain
Odyssey chase hawk 2.2 tires

what do I get for 20 dollars?



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